Content-related, formal and legal requirements

All posters have to include the following text:

Further text information or slogans can be added if desired.
Up to 4 posters can be submitted per entrant (as individual works or as a series)

All posters must be submitted digitally (by uploading them online) and must meet the following requirements:

  1. Format: DIN A4 (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm, portrait or landscape format)
  2. Colour mode: RGB
  3. Maximum file size: 15 MB
  4. File name (This should be named as follows: surname, first name, country, date (year-month-day) and, if several submissions are made, please number them consecutively)
  5. Brief description of the poster concept (see Online Form)

On filling in the competition form (which you need to fill in online and upload with the poster file!), the entrant confirms that he or she is the exclusive copyright holder and author of the poster.

Submitting the filled-in form also authorises the competition organisers to use the submitted posters in one or more exhibitions, on its competition homepage, in a catalogue and for publicity purposes for the exhibition(s).

Usage beyond this must be negotiated on an individual basis.

Only posters that meet these criteria will be included in the competition!
Recourse to legal action is excluded.